I Have No Mouth

So the reviews of Fallout 3 have all been laid out, and there’s one thing that remains consistent: If you take the game entirely out of context of the Fallout universe, it’s awesome.  If you played/loved either 1 or 2, you are loathe to Bethesda for raping your land.  Most people seem to have difficulty realizing what the old proletariat of Fallout devotees feel about the game has nothing to do with the new, scary first-person view.  Ignoring the other things, part of the hatred stems from taking all that was held to be canon, and kinda taking a good old Cleveland Steamer to it.  It would be kinda like…. this:

I, personally, have a ton of other issues, including the complete marginalizing of the importance of tagged skills, the crazily high reliance on combat, and the eschewing of everything that makes Fallout not Oblivion and making it so.

But what happens if the people who never touched a Fallout are then inspired to go back and play the first two?  What if they get past the issues with slow combat, antiquated graphics, and other shortcomings of dropping ten generations in hardware requirements (If someone complains about bugs and glitching, they can simply zoom out in 3rd person in Fallout 3)?  Will they still see Fallout 3 in the same light?  Or would it be killing Christmas for them?

That, is what I want to know.

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