Reviews: A Preliminary

I’m going to be writing some fairly detailed and, well… harsh reviews from time to time.  So to put my biases purely on the table, here they are in no particular order:

  • I have never played a console FPS I fell in love with.  I truly am a mouse/WSAD person, and the only exception is Resident Evil 4 on the Wii because that is as close to a mouse as a console controller will get for some time.  I don’t touch RTS for the same reason.
  • Certain genres have certain key things that have to not suck for the game to be considered worthwhile.  Example: If you call a game an RPG and half-ass the story, I will consider the entire game an abject failure.  It’s the one thing you need to get right.  How do you mess that up?
  • I am a stickler for controls.  If I can’t remap to something conventional, and you decide to create “the next best control scheme” as a result, I’ll probably be upset.
  • As a long-time console and PC gamer, huge load times bother me.  A lot.
  • There are very few genres I don’t play, if at all.  But, as a result, I don’t excel at anything.  So the difficulty curve is a fairly noticeable thing for me.  It also means I don’t get anal about frame-counting and power gamer things.  You know, because I have a life.
  • Sequels can, and should, be judged on their own merits as well as their predecessors.  If you break something that worked before, you should be called out on it (Deus Ex is the fabled example, although I have yet to play the sequel).

Lastly, I have a feeling that all too often we ignore the PR and hype campaigns in the run up to a game’s launch.  Fallout 3, because it was so high profile, was filled with a lot of utter nonsense that no one ever addressed in the gaming media.  So as I go back through the games, I’ll go back and dig for any gems of post-release WTF-dom for the games that I didn’t follow with anticipation and horror.

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