FIFA 08: Footie Singularity

I’ve been playing a lot of FIFA ’08 on my 360 before bed.  Almost done with my first successful season in Management Mode with MLS and the Crew.

It amazes me how simple patterns are amazingly effective in getting goals on a consistent basis.  And how much I can singularly hate David Beckham for putting my entire defensive and midfield lines to shame.  

But what most amazes me of all is how I’ve created three characters and they have all disappeared into the void.  They don’t exist.  It doesn’t make any sense.  If I create a character, why is that character lost if I don’t save every single squad?  Why can’t I pull my characters back out of Management Mode to edit them?  

Seriously EA, did you think that through?  I’ve never seen a sports game that treated created characters in a way that didn’t associate them like a small saved file on a memory card.  NBA Jam was able to do it.  It’s not hard.  If I want to draft him into Manchester United, let me do that.  Load the default teams, scan the cards/profiles, and put the custom players to the teams they were assigned to.  Is that really so much worse than requiring every mode to have it’s own special roster and saved state, including the default ones?

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