It Has Begun

So I did something I should never do, and I installed Dwarf Fortress.  

The biggest reason for this, is that there is enough engineering involved in the game to keep me busy for a long time.  And it doesn’t end.  The nuance to detail, randomness, and having to pay attention to all kinds of stuff, even in an easy starting area, is amazing.  Part of me wants to restart in an glacial biome just to see what would happen if I had ice mechanics to deal with, but I would die in mere minutes.

Today one of my dwarves decided to build a legendary artifact.  Naturally, I’m all excited.  What could it possibly be?  So far I’ve gotten a length of chain, a cabinet, a ring (which I guess is all about bragging rights, no?), a war hammer, and a bracelet.  More jewels?  A new, neat weapon?

Nope.  Cloth socks.

I am at a loss for words.


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