I am a grad student at some kind of “prestigious school” with an overwhelmingly large interest in video games and RSS feeds to much too many news sites.

This blog is really more theraputic for me than anything else.  From time to time my internal pot boils over, and coincidentally this is the best way for me to let go of some of that excess frothing I would otherwise do behind closed doors.  This is largely going to be a fluid set of opinions that will no doubt change from time to time.  Hence the title, which is further explained here, as opinions can be viewed as models of how the viewer feels things should be.  Each view has its own flaws and its own weaknesses, but hopefully each one is more capable than the source.

Feel free to comment, pass this around, whatever you like as long as you do not pass it off as your own.  I will write some fairly lengthy pieces, but it isn’t because of a preconditioned goal to be a writer (I’m happy with being an engineer at present).  I’m just very particular and like to see my ideas on paper to see if they still make sense after I lay them out.

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