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Finally Made It

Posted in FFXI with tags , , on August 19, 2009 by zolthanite

After a year of off and on again leveling, waiting for parties, and general lack of play, I have officially hit 75 Puppetmaster. The first thing I did was merit Role Reversal and Ventriloquy. So now comes the inevitable joy that is capping out my merits for the only three jobs I play.

Fortunately I have wonderful friends that helped me level. So naturally I have to pay it forward to other PUPs in my linkshell. Of course there’s always one wise ass out of the group:

Me: I hit PUP75/WAR37!
SD: Congrats. You are now officially useless.

I love you too.

I am still lacking my last few parts, but I have time before they need to be addressed:

Turbo Charger