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The War on Gaming

Posted in Games, Politics on August 10, 2009 by zolthanite

The ESA was recently in the news for criticizing Obama over his repeated anti-Xbox rhetoric with regards to people getting their kids off of the TV and the games and outside doing constructive things. Many gamers took the mantle of self-righteousness claiming Obama will take away our video games and with it our Second Amendment rights. Really? Guys, you spend more than ample time obsessing over he latest news and gaming gossip on Kotaku yet you fail to realize that the “Get off your fat ass kids and go outside” message is actually a legitimate concern?

Thankfully Andy Chalk at The Escapist penned an absolutely brilliant rebuttal to the rabid gaming left, chastising both Obama for sweeping generalization as well as gamers for putting on blinders to the reality of the situation of how gaming affects our lives.

I recently finished watching Second Skin. It’s a brilliant piece of cinematography and believe it should be a baseline for anyone attempting to weigh in on either side of the debate. The most poignant thing about the film is the juxtaposition of functioning happy couples with single men who, for lack of a better way to put it, live like drug addicts. Because that’s what video games are: a drug. In moderation we can use them as simple diversions or as catalysts to life-defining soial experiences that can lead us to the greatest of happinesses. Or we can abuse them and let them lead us down the path to a waking hell as we lose all we hold dear, jobs, family, finances, to a nearly free (depending on your game) substance for an increasingly insatiable hunger.