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I’m not sure why

Posted in Rules on January 22, 2009 by zolthanite

…but I finally caved in and made a blog.  All the lunatic rants and raves of a guy who really should not care about certain things as much as he does, and care about others oh-so-slightly more.  But oh well, you’re here now so you should probably get used to what you may end up reading if I keep this odd little thing active.

Perhaps the strangest thing will be that this will be the first time that odd social strata of friends and family that I have might actually co-mingle.  God forbid the internet at large ever starts to read this thing, the mess that would make.  But, I figure I’ll leave it public because there’s no real reason to blog unless you care what other people have to say for whatever reason makes you happy.

So why bother?

For starters, anyone that actually knows me is able to say that, if nothing else, I am fairly anal and exacting about thins around me. In my own opinion, I simply have reasonable expectations that need to be met in order to feel like something is worthwhile.  Most things that are supposed to be AWESOME and GREAT really just end up pissing me off  At best, I give a slow clap and move on.  But I don’t get angry, so much as post long diatribes on why something is bad.  Which gets to my personal Three Rules of Discourse:

  1. Say it if it’s worth saying.
  2. Argue with facts.
  3. Don’t be “wrong”.

Number three is a big one for me, which is probably why I’m an engineer.  But in this case it isn’t about saying “2+2 = 5”.  We all forget to carry a one every now and again.  It’s more along the lines of making sure that the argument you have and the facts you supply actually make sense.  It’s about saying what you mean without leaving it open for interpretation because “the meaning is obviously there”.  More importantly, it’s about being able to realize when your contribution to the project/topic/whateverthehell does not treat the subject with the appropriate level of care and keeping it to yourself.

That sounds extremely pretentious, so in interwebs speak it boils down to “Don’t be a troll”.  

If someone is talking about politics, do not come in and say “McCain would be a great president because he was a POW”.  On face value, it makes no sense and isn’t really worth stating.  On inspection, though, it could be complete trash (“He knows Viet Cong torture methods and is a certified badass”) or actually meaningful (Although weak, “Having experienced first-hand the effects of what is and is not torture, he would be able to make a more meaningful decision on US foreign policy as it related to the interrogation of enemy combatants” is sufficient to say that ‘Hey, this guy actually did think about it even if I don’t agree’).  Of course, if the topic of conversation is ‘Photoshop Waldo into inappropriate scenes’, a small essay on the usage of small caps and stripes to denote the homosexuality of Finnish teenagers in the late 19th century is equally out of place and “wrong”.

So what is this blog all about?  Elements of Argument?  Finer points of logic and rhetoric?  Hardly.  This is going to be a simple soap box for me to throw my current thoughts about whatever floats my way.  But given that I primarily have an addiction to video games, with a current Rock Band fix to tide me over until I’m stuck playing Final Fantasy XI this summer, most of my topics are going to be about games.  But not a “review” sense of “Buy this, it doesn’t suck!” but in the sense of “What does this game mean to me?” like I’m some sort of connoisseur who actually has an opinion that means something.  I’ll also be bringing over some of my Fractured Blog posts that I originally posted on my favorite forums ever (I had no where else to put them, but contained thoughts I had to give to someone, even if the audience was relatively small).

Also, I’ve started playing through the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV after finishing Metal Gear Solid 4 and a brief dose of Fallout 3.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about all three games, as well as Mass Effect, which eventually I should get around to fully expressing.  At the moment I’m of the opinion that these four games and the stories behind them are indicative of where games are going to go in the next few years and I’m really not hopeful about it.