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Food Review #1: Health Potion, Chicken Battle, and A Surprise

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , , on February 15, 2009 by zolthanite

Today I went to Fry’s to pick up some solder, some wires for my breadboard, and… a health potion.  Curiosity made me part with almost $4 to try a 50mL an energy drink when I don’t even drink Red Bull.

Then on my way home, I thought to myself “Self, who has the better chicken sandwich on a value menu:  Jack-in-the-Box or McDonalds?”  I say on the value menu, because nothing beats Chick-Fil-A.  

Then, while swinging by McDonalds, I noticed they have sweet tea for a dollar.  A soda-sized, large sweet tea.  I’ve been stuck in this godforsaken west coast with no hint of Southern anything nearby.  Even the “homestyle cooking” out here is organic and comes no where close to Cracker Barrel.

Curiosity is going to get me killed one of these days.

So without further ado, the results of the Trials Three:

Health Potion

I only took a sip, as I wasn’t trying to burn any midnight oil or have a heart attack.  Basically, it tastes like a thin, cherry-flavored cough syrup.  It’s not…  bad.  But it certainly isn’t something you’d drink for the taste.

Chicken Battle

The big one.  So break it down by part, since they are both mayo, lettuce, and chicken.

Bun:  The McChicken has a smaller bun.  They are both exactly the same otherwise though, which is really odd (Tie)

Mayo:  McChicken has a glob of mayo, since the bun is so small.  The Sandwich seems to have more mayo, but it’s spread out over a larger area because the bun is larger.  So unless you’re the kind of person who loves mayo, Sandwich is the better of the two because you don’t eat as much per bite.  It’s actually a condiment.  (Winner: JB)

Lettuce: Sorry McChicken, but a few shreads of lettuce has nothing on an actual leaf of lettuce folded over.  (Winner: JB)

Chicken:  The part that matters: The McChicken patty I had vs. the Sandwich was superior in every way.  It was bigger, thicker, better seasoned to taste like… something (Neither taste like chicken, let’s be honest).  And because the Sandwich outclasses the McChicken is every other size category, it makes up a higher percent volume of the sandwich. (Winner: McD)

Seriously though, I’d eat a Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich over these two things any day of the week.  And I ate two completely worthless sandwiches in comparison.  (Loser: Me)

Sweet Tea

I really hate saying this, but…

McDonald’s actually got it right.  The tea was Southern Sweet.  Not slightly, not unsweet, not Splenda.  Sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  Amen to you golden arches, amen.


Back to colossi.  I’m on… #14?  Maybe?